Thursday, October 9, 2008

Job Search Strategies

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Most people have their own unique approach to job search. We all have our own preferences. There are the traditional methods:
  • Mass mailing of resumes, which usually doesn't work

  • Responding to Help Wanted ads from the newspaper, or more likely today via Monster, CareerBuilder, Yahoo HotJobs, or from a Google Search (click here for using Google as a job search tool)

  • Networking, whether personally or via social media sites like LinkedIn

The possibilities are endless, and only limited by your imagination. Some people go for non-traditional means. Anthony Balderrama, a writer for has posted on number of these methods, including:

"...a marketing job candidate who bought a pair of baby shoes, wrapped one in a box
along with her résumé and sent it directly to the hiring authority," Beshara
remembers. "The box had a tag that said 'Let me get my foot in the door and you
will be pleased.' When she went to the interview, she took the other shoe with
her, which was a great way to start the interview."

A report from Tampa Bay News9 discusses a woman in Tampa, where I live who stood in traffic and distributed her resumes to passing drivers at an intersection. Kathy Maloney stood at an intersection on Dale Mabry Avenue, a main thoroughfare in Tampa, and distributed several hundred resumes in an hour.

"You can be at home depressed," Maloney said. "I've been through that depression, what's it going to do me any good. You know, it's not going to do any good. You have to get out and see people in person."

The net result of her unorthodox job search strategy?

Calls for some interviews and some potential leads. Maloney landed job interviews with a law firm and a marketing company.

"That's more response in one hour than I've had in three months, compared to the Internet, compared to job fairs, everything," she said.

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