Sunday, October 5, 2008

Help Wanted! Bruce Springsteen and The Super Bowl

I just applied for a job as a roadie working as a volunteer equipment mover during halftime at the 2009 Super Bowl to be held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa on 02-01-2009. I only live about 6 miles from the stadium, so I should get "hired" with no problem!

What is surprising is the level of scrutiny that goes into being a "volunteer Roadie", dude! I think it probably has a lot more to do with event security than it does with actual requirements of the job.

Might be tougher than I thought...

Here are the requirements from the Volunteer Form Application.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Pregame/Halftime Show volunteer. (I volunteered for the Half Time Show so I could work with THE BOSS...Bruce Springsteen!)

Please read carefully prior to submitting your information.

Confidentiality Notice: The material on this form is intended for the use of processing your volunteer application, and for performing mandatory background checks with the FBI for security purposes. Every volunteer will undergo a background analysis. It is hereby understood that the information you have provided is confidential, privileged, and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. You will be requested to read and sign an authorization for release of personal information and acknowledgement of criminal history background check (see "click here" below).

1. I am, or will be over the age of 18 prior to February 1, 2009.
2. I am aware that this is a volunteer position that can require a fair amount of pushing and lifting, and I acknowledge that I am in good health and able to volunteer my services accordingly.
3. I have checked the current posted schedule on this web site, and I am able to attend all posted Pregame Stage Crew or Halftime Stage Crew rehearsals in their entirety.
4. I am aware that being a part of the Pregame / Halftime Stage Crew does not allow me the opportunity to watch the Super Bowl game live inside the stadium, or access to tickets for the game.
5. I have truthfully completed the form below, and hereby agree to hold harmless the National Football League, Halftime Entertainment, Inc., all organizers, sponsors, instructors, and others associated with this event in case of accident or injury. Furthermore, I agree to abide by all written/oral rules and regulations.

Form can also be found here.

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  1. So, my big question would be, "Why would anyone volunteer for this. There does not seem to be any advantage or perk at all to do this work. Not even a free Coca Cola. The Super Bowl is a business and money-making venture and for a person to volunteer for not one iota of a perk?? Odd....


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