Monday, October 20, 2008

A Byte of Lemon - News Delivered with Negativity

Voldemort would be happy with this kind of magical power.

Spin---PR---Sound Bytes --Lemon campaigns, usually done with an agenda to make someone pay attention to "bad news".

Media attention designed at grabbing the public eye for those few critical moments needed to deliver memorable negative information. That is the new method of communicating thoughts and ideas in today's MTV, video game, CNN news break world.

Issues are not really debated and reported on, so much as they are packaged and presented to us in nice neat little ribbons and bursts of multimedia information.

Need to make a point? Start a web site. Have a cause that you need to drive home? Utilize various web resources to help with your campaign.

Many organizations are using these ideas, first developed by Ray Rogers in the 1980's with surprising effect. The latest piece of viral entertainment uses Harry Potter as the basis for their misadventures. The video trailer can be seen below.

"Harry Potter and The Prisoners of Waldemart" Trailer

Examples of other sites include Wake Up Walmart, an anti-Tesco site called Fresh and Queasy, a site soliciting organizing at JetBlue, and a site detailing alleged problems at FedEx.

These are just a few examples of a burgeoning industry.

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