Saturday, October 18, 2008

Being Your Own Job Recruiter

Viral video is one of the hottest PR trends on the web right now. Recently I ran across a video discussing my own employer and talking about finding careers opportunities there. Being curious about it, I backtracked to the web site mentioned in the video and came across is a membership fee based career site. They utilize search engine technology to bring job opportunities from all types of industries to a single location. According to their website. users can narrow their search results by typing in relevant keywords, locations, and company names. And unlike its competitors, Hound only taps into jobs from employers' career web pages, eliminating the commercial job-board middleman by taking users straight to the source. The job listings found at Hound are absolutely authentic and free from questionable postings. Our team visits thousands of employer websites each day, diligently searching for job openings that might not be advertised anywhere else in the world. When we find those openings, we bring them directly to our users! Hound is part of EmploymentScape. Their slogan is EmploymentScape Is a Research Company—Not a Sales Company!

EmploymentScape fervently believes that research and its effective application is the most powerful force in everyone's life. Our goal is to bring the power of effective research into the lives of people everywhere. Historically, we have found that the most value for our research is in the career field. Here, we have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world by showing them the opportunities available to them through effective research of the world's job openings—and more.

Work At Harley-Davidson!

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