Sunday, September 21, 2008

Visit the Best Practice Exchange!

If you enjoy Human Race Horses, Why not come over and take a look at the newly re-branded Best Practice Exchange, an evolution of the old Linking to Great Places to Work blog which I ran for a year or so.

Due to branding conflicts, I shut down the site for a couple of months, and am relaunching it today.

I am re-posting most of the old content, which includes some useful link directories, including career pages for US and Europe based companies on the Fortune Great Place to Work list. Beginning today, the site will be updated regularly with profiles of Incredible Companies and their best practices. We will also cover news related to these companies, both positive and negative.

To make clear the status of Linking to Great Work Places, our purpose was to provide information and best sharing on companies who do great things in running their business, and our focus had been on profiling companies who had been recognized as being great companies. We are not now and have never been affiliated with any organization representing the Great Place to Work Institute. We are just huge believers in their work, and believe that networking to share the learning is a benefit to any business.


This website has no affiliation with Great Place to Work® Institute, Inc., a research and consulting firm based in San Francisco, California. GREAT PLACE TO WORK® is the registered trademark of Great Place to Work® Institute, Inc.