Sunday, September 21, 2008

Social Media Marketing at Whole Foods

Whole Foods Utilizes Social Media to Reach Customers

Whole Foods has begun a series of Internet driven initiatives as part of a new campaign aimed at helping promote their programs and brand as being not quite so much "Whole Paycheck".

They have a couple of people using twitter to talk with customers and share information about store openings, product offerings, and locally grown product efforts among other things. The twitter id is "wholefoods".

Additionally, they have launched a new web site touting both low pricing and sharing information with their customers on how to maximize savings while taking advantage of Whole Foods quality.

According to RetailWire, beginning July 17, Whole Foods will offer a 28-page value guide with budget priced meal plans and recipes, along with deals on the chain's 365 Everyday Value private label products. Whole Foods has also partnered with Mambo Sprouts, a coupon company specializing in natural products, to offer discounts on branded items in its stores.

Recognizing that many customers also have their own meal planning, smart shopping and cooking tricks to stretch their food budgets while enjoying a healthy Whole Foods Market lifestyle, the Company has introduced a “Real Deal” customer tips page on its website. Shoppers from all over are sharing their tips at:

Customers are also invited to submit their frugal foodie videos on the Whole Foods Market YouTube page found at:

“The Real Deal” program complements many regional programs already underway, where most Whole Foods Market stores are already are providing value shopping tours, family-sized savings, and other shopping tips, including a list of Whole Foods Market top sellers.

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