Friday, September 19, 2008

Use The Power of Story To Improve HR Communication

A Power Tool for Human Resources Professionals

Great points on communication through story telling.

See the entire post here by Karen Gedney

According to Gedney, marketing departments are starting to utilize principles of brevity in communication, telling quick stories that break through the "blah, blah, blah" of business.

As an HR professional, you can improve your own communciation programs by applying the concepts.

It's time to get your own stories polished up. The time for marketing jargon about "leveraging" and "enabling business process deployment" is officially over.

From now on, you need to tell people stories that quickly capture people's attention, telegraph what you can do for them, and gain their trust.

If you're talking a business solution, your story better be something like this:

"We went into a company to help out a guy who was up to his ears in work orders, streamlined his entire system in no time flat, and now he's looking like a rock star to his whole department."

Capture the great stories of employee achievements, innovation, service, and leadership, and communicate them briefly, clearly, and concisely.

Think the Twitter model: 140 characters or less.

According to Gedney, you can capture these stories and use them with high impact.

One success story will beget another as people finally "get" what you can do for them.

So dedicate yourself to gathering the stories that make your company stand out. Then, use them to help yourself and your company shine.

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