Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No Prayer, No Work Part III - Time For A Courtroom Jihad?

The web site Jihad Watch has an interesting post on the recent terminations of more than 100 Somali employees at their plant in Greeley, Colorado. You can find it here. Pay special attention to the comments section.

Some examples:

A lawsuit? I'm am shocked! Shocked, I tell you.
I just wish I'd known of all these wonderful legal options years ago when I turned down a job that would have interfered with the practice of my faith. Who knew I should have taken the job anyway and then sued to make them accommodate me? I was so naive, I thought I was supposed to accommodate the person paying for my time.

Why the pessimism ?
It is not assured they will prevail in court.
Their sorry asses got fired, which is good.
They are the authors of their own non employment.
They got what they well deserved - ze pink slip.
To assume they will win in court - no way.
Unless Barry Hussein wins the next election, and that would be placing your bet on a snowball in hell (even with the crazed Hollywood pinkos giving up 37g a plate to his campaign).