Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No Parking, No Discrimination

Thanks to Scott McArthur of the McArthur's Rant blog for posting my answer to a question regarding whether a company providing designated parking spots for women in an area where crime was higher constituted possible discrimination. I didn't find it discriminatory. I found it sort of silly. The full post can be seen here.

.….and finally blogger Michael VanDervort calls for a more pragmatic approach….It's not discrimination. It should be a matter of common sense, although perhaps if muggings are the reason, more security would be in order.

My further comments were:

Michael VanDervort said...


Thanks for the mention in your blog. Sometimes the trouble with business and HR is we can make a huge deal out something important, yet not very complicated, i.e. parking.

I found the speculation by the different respondents regarding the rationale of the company for the approach it took with signs to be very interesting.

-- Michael VanDervort