Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Exciting Family News!

Random non - HR post

I won my fantasy baseball league. It was a head to head league with a 3 week, 4 team playoff. I marched through it and claimed the title. I will be spending the prize money on nothing.

Tiger's Rule 08

My daughter in law has created a blog called The VanDervort Family about her daily family life. She reports today that she bought $108.55 worth of merchandise for only $25.89 by using coupons. That is some serious couponing!
Image of Claire <span class=
A picture of my gorgeous grandaughter Avery!

Finally, a guest post by my daughter Claire updating us on her twemtieth birthday celebration, spent at college at Florida State University:

Here's the full story of my twentieth birthday, by the way.

I finally responded to this email from Jan yesterday and I wanted to tell her about my birthday, so I got the craziness into words (and video), so you really ought to enjoy it too. :D

I don't have class on Fridays, so my birthday was really fun and restful after a difficult week. Two of my friends asked me if I wanted to be taken out for dinner, and I jokingly responded that I would prefer junk food an adventure over a real dinner.

I argued that we should just get a pie and go to Georgia--and they actually took me up on it! They drove me to Thomasville, Georgia, which is only like 40 minutes north of Tallahassee, and we had a picnic in this beautiful park as the sun was setting.

Before we got to the picnic, though, we made a stop at this historical landmark in Thomasville, a huge oak tree very creatively called the Big Oak. A cool feature of the Big Oak is that you can call a phone number and have a web cam on the other side of the street take your picture in front of the tree. As we approached the tree we saw a camera man and news reporter setting up for a shot of the tree. We asked if we could interrupt quickly to get our picture in front of the tree, (wearing these dinky birthday hats for the special occasion).

The reporter asked whose birthday it was and asked if I wanted to be interviewed for the news in Albany, Georgia. So...I did this really ridiculous interview which apparently made it to the news.
Besides my 10 seconds of fame, it's pretty much the most boring news story ever, so if you grow weary, you might want to skip ahead and start watching at the 2:25 minute mark; I come in a little bit after that. I think you'll get a good laugh out of it. ;)

THEN after all of that amazingness, my two friends took me back home and a whole bunch of my other friends popped out for a surprise party! I had no idea! They did an amazing job. It's particularly funny to me too, because for the last couple years, at one time or another near my birthday I've hinted to my friends, "Oh...I really just don't want to plan anything..." or whatnot, trying to sucker someone into throwing me a surprise party, and this year, I was totally content and not expecting a thing and they did it. It was perfect, too--it was a dessert potluck, no real food, just 6 different desserts. :D

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