Sunday, September 21, 2008

Employer Profile - Reaktor Innovations

Top Small Workplace in Europe -- Reaktor is Europe's Best Workplace for 2008

Reaktor Innovations has been selected as the best workplace in Europe. At a gala held in London on May 27, Reaktor was announced as the European winner of the Great Place to Work study in the series for small and medium companies.

"This is quite an achievement. The thanks go to all our Reaktorians. However, we believe things can always be done better. Our objective is to become the best expert company in the world", says Reaktor's CEO Vesa Lauronen.

What makes Reaktor Innovations such a great company? For starters, they set a high standard even with their own country. Reaktor Innovations has won the general series of Finland's Great Place to Work 2008 study. The study measured employee satisfaction. Reaktor was clearly set apart from the other participants with an index rating that was the highest ever measured in Finland.

"Being number one means we are doing something right. However, we believe things can always be done better. Our goal is to build the best specialist company of the world", says Chief Executive Officer Vesa Lauronen.

Our Business is Led by Human Values. This Guarantees our Success.

We are united by respect for other people, particularly with regard to our work. Quality and professional pride are emphasized in everything we do. And we are constantly striving for excellence, whether it concerns our technology, methods, business or employee satisfaction.

Reaktor Wants to Offer its Employees the Best Opportunities for Learning and Personal Development.

Reaktor's broad client base offers employees the possibility to create andimplement IT solutions for leading Finnish companies and organizations.
We want to offer our employees:

  • Reasons to be genuinely proud of their work and working community

  • The possibility to satisfy their insatiable hunger for knowledge

  • The possibility to become top experts in their fields

  • More in-depth expertise.

  • Internal training and panel discussions are organized to let the experts at Reaktor share their knowledge with colleagues about their own field of expertise.

  • We offer the best tools available for employees to work with.

  • Room for creativity. You can participate in selecting technologies and methods for a particular assignment.

  • At Reaktor, you develop in good company. There are many people renowned in their own field among our employees.

Meet a Reaktorian

Petri Miettinen, Software Architect

“Three years ago I was an exchange student in Spain, and had no summer job in Finland. My friends told me that Reaktor could be a cool place, so I applied here. I was invited for an interview the day after I returned from Spain, and it was love at first sight—both ways!

When I came to Reaktor, the company was still rather small. Reaktor has grown considerably since then, but we've managed to maintain an easy-going atmosphere. When it comes to work, we make no compromises—otherwise, it's all laid back. I have found many like-minded friends here. We have started bodybuilding, and they call me the World's Strongest Software Architect. We recently went to the Finnish bodybuilding championships with the World's Second Strongest Software Architect!

You have the freedom to do all kinds of things here. Reaktor's car club, for example, bought an old SEC 560 Mercedes that we call 'Kuristaja' (The Strangler).

Reaktor is a good place for learning all kinds of new things. Just to give you an example, I'm about to leave for the JBoss World conference in Berlin, to listen, see, and comment on everything that goes on there.

Hardly anyone has wanted to leave Reaktor through its history. The work conditions, benefits and colleagues are so good here that it’s hard for any company to match. For me, Reaktor is one of the few reasons why I've decided not to move back home to Savo.”

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