Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dude, I Can't Live Without My Phone!

Expats Spend More on Their Mobile Phone Bills Than on Food!

Technology Alters Expatriate Communication Patterns

In 1996, I worked at a company where we sent an American based manager to Europe on a pair of short term expat assignment, consisting of a pair of 30 day stays. He was thrilled, but also concerned. He had lots of questions.

Primary Problem: "I am going through a divorce. I need to be able to stay in touch with my kids. How can I do that?"

Solution: (courtesy of corporate telcom professionals): "Here ya go. An cool new ATT International Long Distance Calling Card. Be careful how you use it."

30 days later:

Secondary Problem (Corporate Telcom Dude): "Hey, that guy YOU sent overseas has a $2,000 dollar long distance bill on his cool new ATT International Long Distance Calling Card! What are you gonna do about that?"

Secondary Solution: "I need you to give me back the cool new ATT International Calling Card. I also need you to stop calling your girlfriend three times a day from Europe, dude!"

Today's VOIP technology permits expats to chat with their family (and significant others) in a variety of ways. Skype, ooVoo, Instant Message, and cell phones that cross oceans make the world a very small place today compared to a decade ago.

Kids call their grandparents from Chinese restaurants in the Netherlands to see if they got the pictures they just sent on via email from the Anne Frank House because they can't wait to get home. We are all about communicating NOW from ANYWHERE.

According to a report from NewsBlaze.com, Vyke Communications today released a new survey that examines the mobile habits of Asian expats within the UK.

The survey found that

  • Technology has completely revolutionised letter writing

  • Technology has made communicating and keeping in touch with friends and family abroad easier than ever.

  • The expense of calling and sending text messages was the number one reason why more people prefer other forms of communication such as email and mail.
The survey also found the following habits within Britain's expat community:
  • Male expats are more likely to call their friends abroad than their girlfriends.

  • 25% of people who call abroad spend over £60 a month. (apprx. $120 USD)

  • Expats aged between 16-24 yrs old spend more on making mobile phone calls than they do on food.

  • Women talk more, spending a greater amount than men.

To download the complete survey

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