Sunday, September 21, 2008

Are You Ready To Succeed?

Training at Google - April 2008

Dr. Srikumar Rao delivers his class on Success at Google.

Life is short. And uncertain. It is like a drop of water skittering around on a lotus leaf. You never know when it will drop off the edge and disappear. So each day is far too precious to waste. And each day that you are not radiantly alive and brimming with cheer is a day wasted.

Stop right now and evaluate your life. YOUR LIFE. As it is right now. Are you, by and large and daily variations aside, happier now than you have ever been? Do you have the inner conviction that you are on the path that is just right for you, the one that is transparently leading you to fulfillment in many dimensions – in your career, in relationships, in spiritual development?

"Your 'me-centered universe creates the stress in your life. To feel better, do things for the benefit of the greater good."

"You live in a me-centered universe. We all do. Each of us evaluates events, near and distant, in terms of their impact on "me." If your spouse gets a great job offer, you think about how this will affect your relationship. When your daughter comes home with a tattoo and a nose ring, you think abut how your friends will react and what they will think about your parenting. When you read about unrest in the Middle East, among other things, you worry about the impact of oil prices and how much more you will have to pay for gas. You hear about a car accident on the radio and think in terms of how delayed you will be by the traffic jam.

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