Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Terminated in the MIddle of the Night

Not even highly paid sports guys should be treated like this. Even George Steinbrenner might have paused before swinging the axe in the wee hours of the morning.

News reports this morning out of New York City informed baseball fans across the country that the much rumored firing of Mets manager Willie Randolph, a former Yankee hero had finally occurred. While managers being fired in New York have been more restrained in recent years, at least in the Bronx, Mets General Manager Omar Minaya took the unusual step of firing Randolph, after a win and at 3 AM! Mr. Minaya said it would have been "disrespectful" to fire Randolph in uniform. He somehow concluded it would be better to let him fly all the way across country from New York to California, win a game, and then notify him in the middle of the night.

I am sure Mr. Randolph will NEVER forget this display of respect and tender loving care from his employers. If Willie was having sleepless nights over the poor performance of his team and job security, perhaps he can sleep more soundly now knowing he is cashing big checks while they are managed by his minor league successors, and watching them be lambasted in the press for being insensitive clods, and terrible managers from a Human Resources perspective.

Next time, maybe they should call an HR consultant before making such a lame move?? My number is all over the interwebs, Mr. Minaya!

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