Sunday, January 6, 2008

Managing to Change into Michael 2.0.08

Welcome to Day 6 of my life circa January, 2008. It has been a wild and wooly past twelve months. So many things have happened that they are happening like looking out the windows of a jet. For example: (rehash of some information from a previous post)

  • I turned 50. So did my wife.
  • We had family events occur that have dominated the year, including an ill relative and the birth of my grand-daughter, Avery Noel.
  • All the businesses that my wife and I worked with/for or did business with have changed hands.
  • In June, I worked for Danisco A/S.
  • In July, I was acquired by and began working for Firmenich, Inc.
  • In December, I submitted my resignation.
  • Tomorrow, I start with Publix Supermarkets in a job that I wasn't looking for, but I am excited.

Let's see what happens next!

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