Thursday, July 19, 2007

Quiz Answers - HR 2.0

Take the following quick quiz:

1. What is an HR Wiki and what do they do?

Much like Wikipedia, a community edited repository of information about Human resources topics and defintions. Ine such example is available at a site called The wiki tab link is but you will have to register as member to see it. Today there were 966 different subject matter entries. A great social networking way to share knowledge or do quick and dirty research! Want to know about
Development Program Penetration Rate, this will give you a place to start.

2. What is a VLOG?

Video blogs used to create visual resumes. Video interviews that can be found by recruiters or employers. It can be on a blog, a web site, or even in second life.

3. Have you ever recruited via podcast?

Don't have time to read ads in the newspaper or even read Monster or the other big boards that feed jobs to your email via agent? Check out career opportunities on your Ipod! As this web sites says: understands that job seekers often don't have time to read employment-related articles on-line and that it is often far more convenient to listen or watch the same content. Now, through the free Career Video Podcasting service, you can do just that.

4. What is a streaming resume?

As the trend to video on the web grows, we will soon start seeing job seekers using their video skills to create streaming resumes that will help them sell themselves in places like Facebook, youtube and Jobster currently allow posting of streaming video by job hunters, companies and recruiters.

5. What good does it do to have Xing?

Xing is a social networking site that is heavily utilized in Europe and is a great place to develop contacts for recruiting, professional expertise and social meetings.

My profile on Xing is

6. Are any of your employees nearshored?

Microsoft announced last week it was building a new technical center in Canada. This is nearshoring designed to get around the issues created by US immigration policies and the talent gap it creates for a lot of companies. Check out this link for the view Canadian IT professionals think this move could have on Canada's economy.

7. What is a LION? (hint: they don't live at the zoo anymore)

LinkedIN Open Networking encourages people to be willing to receive invitations from strangers and work seriously and building vast personal and professional networks by doing so. It is difficult and time consuming, and leads to very interesting meetings, discussions and opportunities. Find the LIONs of LinkedIn at,com_mypms/task,read/id,2930/Itemid,0/

Just a few dots on the map of HR 2.0 which is being created by web 2.0. Are you ready to win the race? Have you even entered?

Michael VanDervort
Tampa Florida USA

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